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Transmission Repair, Installations, and Rebuilds in Springfield, MA

Not everyone knows what is wrong with their vehicle when it starts doing new or odd things. The transmission can be an especially challenging part to work with due to its' many parts. Just a few symptoms that your transmission could be the culprit, are if your vehicle is:
  • Leaking
  • Shifts Differently Than It Used To
  • Transmission Feels Like It is Slipping
  • Vibrating While Driving
  • Showing Fluid Discoloration
  • Making Strange Noises
  • Shifting Gears Slowly
  • Making A Burnt Smell

If the technicians at United Transmission in Springfield, Massachusetts work to diagnose your vehicle and realize the problem is not the transmission, they will let you know. United Transmission mechanics are that dedicated to customer service, honesty, and helping people get their vehicles moving again. Since opening in 1960, they have focused on high-quality transmission work and treating people right and keeping prices affordable.

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